[CQ-Contest] RE; 9M0C/No Contesting

Art & Linda Hubert n2au at lightlink.com
Fri Feb 20 10:23:50 EST 1998

While I respect their decision not to operate in the contest, I believe 
their thought on this matter is flawed and they  will miss a chance at 
working many new stations. 
 To ask that the DX window on 160 be left clear during a major DX 
contest, is just not going to happen. (Too many variables here.)   This 
we all can be pretty sure of. 
 It has been my experience during contests ( 30+) that major DXpedition 
are much easier to work than on a normal weekday. Avid Contesters (Big 
Guns) are not going to spend considerale time in a large pileup, when 
they can run 20-30 stations in that time frame.  With more rare DX 
available on the bands, the pileups are much thinner and the DX is 
easier to work for a modest station.  
I must admit that I was hoping to work them on 40 meters for a new 
one..but there will always be another time and another DXpedition.


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