[CQ-Contest] RE; 9M0C/No Contesting

David Jones kk7gw at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 20 10:29:19 EST 1998

>While I respect their decision not to operate in the contest, I believe 
>their thought on this matter is flawed and they  will miss a chance at 
>working many new stations. 

I fully agree.

> To ask that the DX window on 160 be left clear during a major DX 
>contest, is just not going to happen. (Too many variables here.)   This 
>we all can be pretty sure of. 

Look what happens during other DX tests, CQ WW, ARRL 160, CQ 160.  No 
chance that the window will be clear.

> It has been my experience during contests ( 30+) that major DXpedition 
>are much easier to work than on a normal weekday. Avid Contesters (Big 
>Guns) are not going to spend considerale time in a large pileup, when 
>they can run 20-30 stations in that time frame.  With more rare DX 
>available on the bands, the pileups are much thinner and the DX is 
>easier to work for a modest station.  

Yes, yes, yes.  As the operator of a modest station, I must admit to 
looking forward to trying to work them during the contest.  I made a 
commitment to contest, and I will be contesting.  It is a shame that I 
will not have the chance to work them however.  Congrats to all who did, 
and there will always be someone else headed to Spratly sometime.

GL in the contest

David Jones, KK7GW   
kk7gw at hotmail.com

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