[CQ-Contest] ARRL Board Manners

W2CE W2CE at prodigy.net
Sun Feb 22 18:46:50 EST 1998

> Yesterday I sent a carefully thought out, detailed and courteously worded
> contest/DX related proposal to an ARRL Board member. The exact subject is
> irrelevant, and so is the the question of his agreement or disagreement.
> The response just about blew my mind. It was brief, curt and VERY thinly
> veiled: basically it said "Thanks for your letter - Stick it in your ear".
> Is this the type of response other contesters/DXers have received from our
> elected ARRL Board officials?

Unfortunately, election to the ARRL Board seems to allow some to believe
they are only a short step from the Almighty. While I must respect as
few Board members, about 4 I think of off hand, the others often are
totally opposed to any constituant opinions. They do as they please,
refuse to even consider facts that may prove them wrong, and stand
behind any decision regardless of what damage it may do.

I look back 30 years ago and remember a League well atuned to its
members and a lot more cooperation with the membership. Those days are
gone. It's now a power trip for some. It is politics at it's worst and
with no real rewards. The people at Newington down in the trenches get
paid zilch for what they do. Those willing to work for the ARRL have to
do so for love of ham radio and not worthy compensation. At least we
have these people to coordinate with for our ARRL contacts. 

Yes, I am an ARRL member, Life Membership 1970, and I don't recall the
individual years prior to that.

       73, Bob, W2CE


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