[CQ-Contest] Re: New Band Changes

John Warren nt5c at easy.com
Mon Feb 23 00:06:27 EST 1998

Tom W7WHY wrote:

|That sounds good, but if you give the tech plus's ssb
|privileges on the lower bands,  how many would work cw.
|I am on the VE team here, and I get dismayed how many are
|satisfied with the no-code or code-tech. Especially now
|that 10 meters is opening up. There just doesn't seem to
|be much incentive to upgrade any more, and I think this
|would take what little is left.

I think Tom is confusing two separate issues: Working cw, and the incentive
to upgrade. My personal interest is not in working cw. However, getting
access to all band segments was a VERY powerful incentive for me to make
Extra Class.

John, NT5C

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