[CQ-Contest] ARRL CW: Contacts with ZK1DI

Trey Garlough trey at kkn.net
Mon Feb 23 17:08:49 EST 1998

> In all seriousness, how is this different from the numerous
> "power levels" that are given out:  137, 001, 007 etc that
> you get from many people?  They are typically
> people handing out a few QSOs who do not
> know the correct exchange.   But they count
> as good QSOs (I assume).

Reminds me of ol' J79MD (SK) who used to say "I'm not in the contest
but you're 59-08, or so they tell me" -- this was the abbreviated
version of his I'm not in the Contest monologue -- yet during the 80's
he would be on working the troops every year in CQWW SSB and going by
call areas.  You could tell he enjoyed lecturing the pack.

Every year I looked forward to working him so I could say "J79MD this
is N5AU.  You're 59 near Dallas, Texas.  Name here is Trey.  And just
in case you're collecting numbers for the contest, you're 59-04."
Like clockwork, my efforts were richly reqwarded with the "I'm not in
the contest" monologue, extra long-play version.

It's all a question of sematincs.  Just get on, work guys, have fun,
and keep grinning.

--Trey, N5KO

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