[CQ-Contest] New Band Changes Ideas?

Rick Bullon kc5ajx at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 24 02:36:40 EST 1998

>I vote an enthusiastic "Aye"!
>We have long sequestered the Novices and Tech+ folks away on
>tiny little frequency ghettos where they meet no-one except more 
>Novices and Tech+ licensees.  Then we are surprised that few of
>them become "mainstream" operators.  

Well Hans I have to disagree with you on this statement. I've been on 
Ten Meters since 1993 and I have to say that almost half of the contacts 
I've made have been with General class and above. When 10 is opened you 
can find all classes there

>Let's let them mix with mainstream hams, expose them to the
>"culture" of HF, and watch how fast they upgrade to get on
>the "real" DX/contesting bands like 20.
20 might be the meat and potatoes of most contests but I have heard more 
rude vulgar stuff on 20 and below than than on the upper bands. I have 
never heard more rude inconsiderate operators on any other band. ( I 
don't mean that everyone on 20 are bad operators but there seems top be 
alot of them there). I've heard operatrors trying to carry on 3 or more 
QSO's on the same frequency and then some idiot trying to tune up on the 
same freq and 4 or 5 other ops trying to tell everyone else where to go 
and how to get there.
  I'm sorry if I offend any of ya out there but when I upgrade I will be 
on 20 only during contests and then maybe I won't. Right now 20 meters 
reminds me of the idiots on the CB band
Rick Bullon

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