[CQ-Contest] Good QSOs

Jose R. Hierro ea7kw at alcavia.net
Tue Feb 24 12:36:38 EST 1998

> > In all seriousness, how is this different from the numerous
> > "power levels" that are given out:  137, 001, 007 etc that
> > you get from many people?  They are typically
> > people handing out a few QSOs who do not
> > know the correct exchange.   But they count
> > as good QSOs (I assume).

Similar situation usually happens from this side:

EA7KW:  wd8... 5nnkw
WD8.... : cfm   ur rst 599 599 001 001
EA7KW: r r    pse ur qth ?
WD8...  : ohio ohio
EA7KW: wd8...  tu     ea7kw test

WD8... is logged, of course, got a 599 OHIO, in two stages, but a real
exchange report.

73 de Jose, EA7KW/EH7KW

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