[CQ-Contest] Re: [TowerTalk] phantom attachments

J. Bradshaw ac6tk at cybertime.net
Tue Feb 24 10:30:20 EST 1998

I used to send E-mail in HTML format at first because I was told it was
compatible and allows sending in color and different fonts.  I am running
IE3 and windows Messaging.  It is made compatible by sending the message in
BOTH text and HTML.  Something along the way may be splitting the text and
coded portions.

This is a waste of bandwidth.  Especially when sending returns that include
the original.  I have since selected the box for TEXT ONLY because it is
perfectly legible and adequate for transferring my ideas.  In IE3 Internet
Mail, select Mail; Options; on Send tab select TEXT.  I have no need to
send a full blown TV commercial.

Your correct about virus transmission via attachments.  Although only .bat,
.sys and .exe files are executable, other extensions may be recognized by
word and excel, being converted and passing insidious macros.  Its kind of
like having your house robbed.  It doesn't happen often, but don't think it
can't happen to you too.  Once it happens, it changes your perspective. 
You GOTTA HAVE a virus check program that has E-mail, Internet and macro

I got bit by a .doc file once.  It was a newsletter from a school ham club
about 50 miles away.  I have no idea if it was malicious, the sender might
not have known if he had been infected from a student, but within a week,
800 megs was forever lost.  I would like to know if these macro viruses may
be passed to word from HTML via Internet Assistant?

I realize this may not be relevant to reflector topics, but it does concern
us all.

73 de ac6tk, Jim

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