[CQ-Contest] N2NU M/2 ARRL CW Score (Long)

N2NU at aol.com N2NU at aol.com
Tue Feb 24 23:27:13 EST 1998

                 ARRL INTERNATIONAL DX CONTEST -- 1998

      Call: N2NU                     Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Two


      160      148       444   3.0        61
       80       690     2067   3.0        90
       40       973     2916   3.0        95
       20     1461     4377   3.0      107
       15     1206     3612   3.0      105
       10         94       279   3.0        52

     Totals   4572    13695   3.0      510  =   6,984,450

Raw score

Station 1:  FT1000MP/Alpha 87A
Station 2:  IC765/IC775 into common Alpha 87A

160 M - 2 phased inverted L's
80 M - 2 element wireYagi (NE/SW), 2 half waves in phase (NW/SE)
40 M - 3 over 3 at 65'/130'
20 M - 4 over 4 at 64'/104'
15 M - 5 over 5 over 5 at 42'/72'/112'
10 M - 6 over 6 at 75'/100'

Operators:  K2WI - The Waqi Iraqi (Gimpy), N2AA - Mr. Able (looking for that
9M0C on 160), N2NU - NU (chief dishwasher - shhhhhhhh), W2REH - "Smokin Joe"
Clayton, WW2Y - Peter (I even got him to operate on 160).

This was the first time that we tried a Multi-2 operation from NU.  We have
always done Multi-single for the ARRL DX contests, but wanted to give M/2 a
try this year in order to make it more fun for the operators (M/S in ARRL has
always been more like a single op contest with operators taking turns at the
key).  The decision to go M/2 really came down to Friday morning due to the
operator situation, given that Rob was just getting back on his feet from
surgery, Joe was recovering from a bout with the flu, and Peter has been
suffering from radio burnout since the CQ 160 meter contest.  When I heard
Friday morning that Joe was not going to be around at the start of the
contest, I had my doubts, but a quick discussion with Rob re-convinced me to
do M/2.

For the first time in a while I was able to take off Friday from work, (a good
thing given the amount of station setup that was still required.)  I was able
to finish the setup and repair a beverage antenna blown down in the most
recent storm, and even get in a 1 hour nap before contest time.  I was
starting to get worried at 30 minutes before the start, when no-one had
arrived, but at 2353Z both Gene and Rob showed up - plenty of time!

During the contest everything worked with very few visits from Murphy.  As
always, the Germans were pervasive with a total of 642 worked; JA's were
second with 328 worked.  This time, I got to work the low bands quite a bit
Saturday morning, in addition to the normal 20 and 15 operating that I usually

Contest (High)lights:
· Booming signals on 160 meters
· Big 15 meter numbers - the upgraded antenna really works!
· Perfect performance from the K2WI - 2 rig multi-plexing octopus on its
maiden voyage
· Total lack of computer control or auto antenna switching (the latter was a
little like the maypole dance)
· Total inability to break through the w4's to work JA on 160

See you from RM in the Phone Test!


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