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>>I talked to 3 different guys who did M/S this weekend and they all 
>>commented about how they liked the new QSY rule.  
>>One comment though...   I'de like to see a rule that prevents 
>>transmitting on two bands simultaneously just as in Single Op.
>The MS rule does limit you to one transmitted signal at a time.
>We absolutely followed this at K5ZD.  I am not so sure about one of our
>competitors as we heard them have a 10 minute QSO with a slow speed
>multiplier during a very high rate period.  We were running at the time so
>could not take the time to catch them at it.
>Here is the rule from the ARRL web site (since this is in the HF contest
>rules, this definition also now applies to the Sweepstakes contest!):
Multi Operator, Single Transmitter: Stations are allowed only one
transmitted signal at any given time. 
In those contests that do not have Single Operator Assisted class,
includes those single operators that use any form of spotting assistance
such as from nets or PacketCluster. 
Includes those that receive assistance with logging or relief operators,
Limited to 6 band changes (maximum) in any clock hour. 
The clock hour is from zero through 59 minutes. 
Band changes are defined so that, for example, a change from 20 meters
to 40 meters and then back to 20 meters constitutes two band changes. 
Violation of the 6 band changes rule or improper logging will result in
an entry reclassification to the Multi Operator Multi Transmitter class.

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