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Ralph Bowen rbowen at iglobal.net
Thu Feb 26 03:25:05 EST 1998

Yep  -  it was actually

 5  (real Sig strengh) dah-dah-dah-dah-dit  dah-dah-dah   dah-dah-dah 

and Nose still won many times!!

73,  Gator  N5RZ

W6PH wrote:
> I hate to make comments about other postings, but old memories are
> jogged by this "zero power" thing.  Many OF's on here probably remember
> KH6IJ's report as 579000 in the ARRL Contests.  Kilowatts on the outside
> were very rare and his fist was impeccable.  And the report was a true
> RST, not the current 5NN.  I can still hear his report.  What a great
> contester he was.           Very 73, Kurt, W6PH
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>From Mark van Wijk" <mark3fcd at xs4all.nl  Thu Feb 26 07:06:08 1998
From: Mark van Wijk" <mark3fcd at xs4all.nl (Mark van Wijk)
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 08:06:08 +0100
Subject: [CQ-Contest] preparation ?? Welcome Mr. Murphy.....
Message-ID: <01bd4285$030e6300$d0226dc2 at mark3fcd>

>The hardware is stainless steel and will have a tendency to gall when
>turned under stress. I had a similar problem with my hardware and saved
>the day by applying lots of silicone spray lubricant to the threads
>before removing the nuts.

Good idea, I''l remember that for next time. But I did'nt expect this with
new stuff.

>The R7000+80 is considerably taller, so this may be more difficult.

Yes, and boy does it bend with all that weight from the enormous extra
traps. Luckily I got a home-made very heavy duty solid steel baseplate. It
was capable of keeping up the R7000+ by itself without guying!

>I took mine down 4 times doing adjustments. They really don't change very
>much. I don't think you'll see 1:1 SWR with this beast on every band. But
>it should be under 2:1 on each band. One reason I did not get the 80m kit
>is that it reduces the SWR bandwidth on 40m, and the 80m SWR bandwidth is
>very narrow.
True, but I needed something for 80 since the only alternative is an
inverted vee at40 ft.
There will be one with tuned (coax) feeders soon since I need something for
covering Europe on 40/80 and have a wire for 160.

>Frankly, if I had a rig with an automatic antenna tuner, I wouldn't worry
>about the SWR that much.
Ok,  my FT1000MP does that job quickly and easy. But I have lots of
experiences with home made dipoles/inv-vees which worked ok except outside
of the low swr portion where the efficiency rapidly ceased more or less.
This became really worse when trying commercial trapped multiband 80/40
dipoles. A couple of say 150-200Khz higher, at an SWR of almost 3, the
antenna lost 2-3 S-units. That's why I consider this as well with the
trapped vertical.
Secondly, at high SWR the cable starts to radiate too, introducing lots of
TVI/BCI.  That last one is my major problem and cannot be solved with all
the involved neigbours. People here still conclude: you are the disturber so
stop transmitting or else....  and no we won't let you in for providing any
cure. Now I have permission for that small 15 ft tower on my roof (4 el
/28MHz) but will never get clearance for anything above that height ( R7000+
is 50 ft totally).
>So, how do you like your R7000+80?
Well that's the most important question here; does it work???
Yes it does very well!!

I have broken several pile-ups working 9K2/HS0/J3/D2/TR8/Antarctic etc..
with 15 W output only!
So i'm pleased at "if you can hear them, work 'em!"  It does require some
effort though, but I would'nt want to be one of those with all those
multi-big-towers do I.........??     YES I defenitely would, and please one
KW, or make that two, as well please.

The R7000+ is very quiet on the bands. I am still surprised and rechecking
the switches 'cause 40 is dead quiet between the dx. The tuned pre-amp of
the rig does a lot here but still it is amazing. When I come home after work
it's all ZL/JA/USA/VK/LU etc. I hear. Perhaps this has something to do with
a higher Q on this "half-wave" trapped vertical.  80 mtrs is much more
noisy, and I think the R7000+ performs like a quarter wave here, it has 3
seperate long radials for this band additionally.
Finally I heared  several Ja on 1910 Khz the other night. The first time not
on a beverage.

Regards Bill.

'73 Mark, PA3FCD.

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