[CQ-Contest] New Band Changes Ideas?

Dean Norris dnorris at k7no.com
Thu Feb 26 06:22:26 EST 1998

At 14:10 02/25/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>Gee, in the distant past, Novices were allowed to operate on the same 
>frequencies as everyone else within certain bands. They quickly lost 
>their poor operating practices by emulating the fine operating they heard.
>Then incentive licensing went into effect....
>Seems ironic that over 30 years later we want to go back to the "old" 
>way. While we're at it, why don't we eliminate a couple of license 

Just when were novices allowed to operate "on the same frequencies as
everyone else within certain bands"?  When I was a novice, I had 3700-3750,
7150-7200 and 21,100-21,250 along with some VHF freqs.  I never had full
band privileges except possibly on bands above 28 Mcs.  

We learned to operate by copying cw and listening to generally civil
operating techniques on the HF band.  Nowadays you need a chair and whip to
get on 20 meters <G>.  (A KW+ helps too)


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