[CQ-Contest] 2-radio antenna switchgear question

David R. Andersen k0rx at solon.eng.uiowa.edu
Thu Feb 26 10:39:34 EST 1998

Fellow Contesters:

  I'm in the process of designing a set of 2-radio antenna switchgear
for my station.  I will have 2 tribanders on a single tower, the top one
fully rotatable, and the lower one fixed.  Right now these have independent
feedlines, however one of my future plans is to set them up so that they can
be driven by the same transmitter.  In addition, I will have the
usual set of low band antennas, a 2 el beam for 40, an inverted V for 80,
and a shunt fed tower for 160. My two radios consist of an old FT101EE
which provides no computer control/band data/anything, and an FT1000MP.

  I have a set of ICE single-band BP filters that I want to use with
the FT101EE side of things.  My question is, how do folks typically connect
a tribander using single-band filters?  Should I put in a 3-way Y between
the A/B switch and the coax bandswitch, and then put one single-band filter
in each leg?  My coax bandswitches are of the type that ground unused ports.
Will the filters provide enough isolation that the shorted coax bandswitch
ports will look hi-Z, and thus not affect the line that is being used?
Or, should I sell these single-band filters and buy another Dunestar 600?

  Please respond to me directly.  If there is sufficient interest, I will
summarize to the list. 

David Andersen

k0rx at solon.eng.uiowa.edu

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