[CQ-Contest] Re: New QSY rule is a success - NOT!

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Fri Feb 27 10:20:55 EST 1998

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<< >One comment though...   I'de like to see a rule that prevents 
 >transmitting on two bands simultaneously just as in Single Op.

I think this IS in the rules. One signal at any given time PERIOD...
 K1VR:  The new rule encourages transmitting on two bands ALMOST
 simultaneously, as you get three free contacts per hour on another band
 when you are running and never leave that run frequency. People will soon
 be building an octopus.  The old rule meant that you could have a single
 station and compete, and was designed to outlaw the octopus. The new rule
 virtually requries you to have two stations to take advantage of the
 three free mults per hour. I do not like it for that reason. It is too
 much like the CQ WW M/S rule which also requires two stations. M/S is
 supposed to be the category which encourages a small team (2-5 guys) to
 operate one station (single transmitter). >>

I agree - I thought about this a lot as we operated the contest. Like Mr. Fred
says, the intent is to have a category where ONE radio can be used
competitively. This issue is near and dear to my heart when I'm lugging junk
to the Carribean. All this does is gives more advantage to the multi
transmitter station who is in this class. It doesn't really address the issue
of who is best using 1 station. 

I found myself rationing band changes at the first of the hour, then throwing
them away at the end of the hour by not using them, or getting a really
"cheap" mult (which is one that we would get later anyway, like a loud M/M). 

I'm anxious to see what this looks like from the DX end at VP5NC next weekend.
I think my opinion will still be the same though. We'll have an ARRL CAC
member with us (W4WA), so I can voice my opinions loud & clear (even using
weapons if needed!) 

Maybe we can split the difference and use a 5 minute rule...?

My .02 - worth what you paid for it.....


Will AA4NC / W4MR (M/S)

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