[CQ-Contest] Re:(OOPS!error) Propagation Query

Eric Scace scace at uu.net
Fri Feb 27 10:40:33 EST 1998

It is very common, on the east coast of USA, to hear LA/SM/OM and maybe
G/GM/EI stations on 20m for hours after the band has closed to the rest of
Europe.  The OH's seem to be the last to fade out, with heavy aurora on the

-- Eric

At 06:13 AM 2/27/98 -0500, Irek wrote:
>Sorry for my second letter,but it was too late to stop it.
>There are two errors:
>Azimuth direction SP -> C91 is 163 deg !
>And there also should be: 
>" I COULDN'T believe that,I went outside to look at my antenna..."
>again -sorry ,I was typing online..
>73 de Irek SP3SUX / KH7EA
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-- Eric  K3NA
   scace at uu.net

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