[CQ-Contest] R7000+

Doug Richardson ve5cma at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 27 09:27:30 EST 1998

Just last weekend I put the R7000 +80 (with several friends to help). 
Tips for those in the future:
1) Mast: I found a great mast, 2" galvanized pipe from the top runner of 
a scrapped chain link fence.
2) MUCH easier to put the radial wires on last, not first as per 
3) I found the assembly instructions were off quite a bit in forecasting 
what dimensions would yield what SWR minimums on what frequencies 
(although every installation must have its own characteristics). I found 
it tuned 100kHz lower than "forecast" on 40m and 80m although this may 
not be everyone's experience.
4) the 80m+ version is VERY FLOPPY and does not take being handled in a 
horizontal position very well. Much stronger when upright, but (we 
didn't but could have) the 80+ version could kink or break if 
mis-handled in a horizontal position during handling or assembly.

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