[CQ-Contest] New Band Changes Ideas?

Hans Brakob k0hb at juno.com
Fri Feb 27 23:53:58 EST 1998

I wrote:

>>The original novice sub-bands were 3700-3750, 7150-7200, 
>>21200-21250, and 145000-147000.

K4BAI writes:

>Hi Hans:  That's not entirely correct.  In 1954 when I was a novice, 
>the 40-meter band was 7175 to 7200 and there was no 15-meter novice 
>band. The earliest 15-meter novice band I remember started at 21100 
>and I think you will find it was always 21100 to 21250.  

>73, John, K4BAI.


You (and several others) found errors in my list.  When I posted
that list as the "original" novice freqs, I took them from a 1955
ARRL License manual.  

Turns out there had already been a number of changes from the
"original" in 1951.  So I dug deeper last night, and found that
there were only 3 (not 4) novice segments originally.

26.9xx-27.3xx (forget the exact limits)

The 40 meter allocation came in 1952 or 1953.

The first 40-meter allocation was, as you remember, 7175-7200.
It was expanded to 7150-7200 in 1954(55?) around the time the 
15 meter segment was added and the 11-meter segment was withdrawn.

(I think!)

73, de Hans, K0HB

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