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Sat Feb 28 10:07:09 EST 1998

Roderick M. Fitz-Randolph writes:

>On the flip side of the coin:, get off our duffs, get on the Novice
>bands, contact those Novices that are trying to improve their code
>speed, and upgrade, and give them QSOs; go out and recruit youngsters
>(that have upgraded) into the wonders of the challenge of contesting
>and evangelize our sport of contesting (and it is sport!) to these
>and other General and above hams.  Go to the local clubs and give talks
>on the wonders of contesting and of talking to hams all over the whole
>world, not just in our back yard via the local 2 meter repeater.  Do
>everything we can to increase other's enthusiasm for the sport and
>avocation.  But please don't open the flood gates just to get a drink
>of water.

Now on this point you are right on -- the non-CW Techs can 
all get on the 50 Mhz and above bands and they have FULL privilages
on these bands.  

We have contests on the 50 Mhz and above bands - if you really 
want to get growth in contesting I think that you can do it 
by showing them how much fun it can be in the VHF/UHF bands as 
this is something they can do with their current liscense.
Then you can show then the same can be done on the HF bands. 

You should also show them HF contesting - invite them over
to operate - the University of Texas Amateur Radio clubs 
trys to do this in every contest they operate. In the last 
VHF contest they even had a non-ham on the air making 
contacts. This is a wonderful way to expose all this 
fun we have to the new comer. 


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