[CQ-Contest] Return of the Son of Dupes, Redux!

Eugene Walsh EWALSH/0004504465 at MCIMAIL.COM
Fri Jan 9 00:19:31 EST 1998

Like Freddy Kruger, this is back!

Children; gather 'round!

If station A calls Station B, and;...

Station C, running, hears station A and thinks he is calling C...

C logs A while A works B and moves on along the trail...

Later A calls C, C blows him off with his "QSO B4!" stuff...

Both send in logs, C loses the Q plus 3 more penalty!!!

        Because C is not in A's log.

I've been checking CQWW logs for nearly 30 years and I can
       tell you it happens alot.

I feel that operator C, in blowing off A-because he doesn't like
        the looks of dupes in his log- while risking penalties for 
       "NOT-IN-LOG",... is STUPID!!

Look again... STUPID!!

Sincerely yours, as ever AA

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