[CQ-Contest] 17 Meter Dummy Load

W3CF W3CF at aol.com
Wed Jan 14 21:32:41 EST 1998

While I agree 17 meters is a great contest free zone I find it amusing that
someone has no idea of the difference between "running" and contesting. I
spend a great deal of time on 17 calling CQ and working what comes back and
there is some dummy that keeps hollering "NO CONTESTING ON WARC BANDS!" over
and over.  Have heard this unidentified station from KP2 and V2 as well as
from home. Perhaps the chap confuses running with contesting and I guess
anything other than ragchewing is verboten :-)
Sure glad the guy has no signal! 

73 de Doug W3CF  // V26DX
314 on 17 and counting
Could use XW on 17 if you guys read this {$->

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