[CQ-Contest] Carrying rig on airliner ?

Ron Wetjen wd4ahz at gte.net
Thu Jan 15 14:49:32 EST 1998

This could be an interesting experience!  In 1995 I took an HW-8 along
with me to Germany.  I had everything with me in a carry on bag ... rig,
small wire antenna, tuner, battery, keyer, etc.  Going through security
in the states was a breeze ... no one even batted an eye or asked any
questions.  However, coming back was a different story.  In Hamburg, my
bag went through the X-ray machine, and eyes lit up!  My bag was taken
to a table, I opened it up and the security officer pulled out the
HW-8.  I told him, in German, what it was.  He then proceeded to wipe it
down with a paper towel, and went off into another room with the paper
towel.  A minute or two later, he came back with a little computer
printout and this "Dust-Buster" looking device.  He said they found
chemicals on the paper towel that "could" be explosive.  Then he started
to "vacuum" the HW-8 with the "Dust-Buster".  When he was done, he took
the machine back into the other room, saying "Careful, hot!" as he
walked past the other security people ... they all moved out of his way
to make a path!  In the meantime, I'm standing there, wondering what the
big deal is, and the folks that dropped us off at the airport were
watching all the happenings from the waiting area!  After another couple
minutes, he came back ... with a look of relief on his face ... and said
everything is OK and said I can go.  However, he did confiscate a
screwdriver I had in my bag ... saying it could be used as a weapon!  I
gladly let him have the screwdriver, as I repacked my bag and made my
way to the plane.  Since then, I think they've also increased Security
here in the states, but haven't traveled with a rig since, so don't know
if it's as tight now as it is in Germany.

Ron, WD4AHZ   (ex-DL/WD4AHZ)

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