[CQ-Contest] Running DOS apps under Win95

Trey Garlough trey at kkn.net
Thu Jan 15 22:02:48 EST 1998

Here is a super-useful tidbit that KA6LAF gave me about running
CT/TR/etc under Win95 that I'm filing it away for future reference.


> Say I have a PC running Win95 and I want to run CT on it with it
> booted in DOS mode.  Is there a config file I can edit that says
> "under no circumstance are you to ever load Win95"?
> To wit, it seems like you can edit autoexec.bat to make the machine
> boot up DOS and run CT, but then when you exit CT it presses ahead and
> starts up Win95.

	Yes, actually there is a way to do it...in the root directory is a file
called MSDOS.SYS. In that file is a section called [Options], and under that
section is an entry as follows:


	Change it to 0 and it should just boot into DOS mode...


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