[CQ-Contest] WARC & Contests from T77WI

Dale Jones K5MM ddjones at nas.com
Sat Jan 17 15:26:44 EST 1998

Note from Giancarlo, T77WI, listing his feelings toward "No Contests" on
the WARC bands:  de  Dale  K5MM

My name is Giancarlo Montico
and my Call T77WI
When i write the post i was hurry and i miss my signature.
About the explication of my post ...
Short or long contest isn't significative because when a contest is well
know the duration don't count!!!!
i referred to Big Contest for the well know names (only example) but 6 hours
or 48 hours is always confusion.
I'm against in absolute because the short bandwith in the Warc band is
similar in 40 meters for europeans and i don't know if you have some
experience in the contest from Europe on 40 !!!!! operate during the
contest is impossible.
But i prefer to save the Warc band from the contesters!!
Ciao Dale & 73 from
T77WI Giancarlo
also IK0WIN & FO0MOT

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