[CQ-Contest] RE: DOS programs

David L. Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Sun Jan 18 21:02:57 EST 1998

Hey gang,

my message is aimed at the software vendors not users.  My info comes from
an associate who stays current with microsoft.  Both he and I represent
several Micro soft ISV's and one group I work with are going to a new lab
sponsored by MS (sounds like IBM labs for the IBMers on the reflector).

This is the info the MS people are telling everyone...

Yes, I agree with W7TI and others all the programs run OK for now.  I also
know DOD and Fortune 50 firms like Georgia Pacific are still on w3.1 or
Windows for Workgroups (W3.1.1)...never-the-less I only voiced an opinion
that our major ham/contest/dx vendors need to be staging W95 programs
(native) or there may come a day when they won't run unless you have an
earlier DOS or an older PC!

We have to pay (usually) to get the latest version of most software.  Its
the cost of doing business (contesting).  I know upgrading to new platforms
every few years is expensive and its hard for a software vendor to charge it
off as R&D since they have already created the product and are just
modifying it for W95.  Pardon to the Mac and UNix gang...but most of us live
in a MS world.  

Hats off to the software vendors with W95 programs now....

73, Dave K4JRB

fire when ready Gridley, I am safe below!    

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