[CQ-Contest] DX Window on 75M

T A RUSSELL n4kg at juno.com
Mon Jan 19 06:41:10 EST 1998

The JA's and VK's only have a 10 KHz window at the top of the 75M
band (which ends at 3800 KHz for most of the rest of the world).

Even in parts of the world which have wider segments, 3790 to 3800 
is often the only part of the 75M band where they do not have a lot of
commercial interference.

ARRL  naively thought that the DX window would move down when
they requested 3750 to 3775 as the new Extra Class window, (or so
I have been told), increasing access and activity in the precious 
3790 to 3800  DX  window.

Leaving the small DX window free of domestic contest activity goes
a long way toward minimizing anti-contest sentiment.  Many DXers
refrain from providing domestic contacts in the DX  window.  With
a little respect and cooperation, DXers and Contesters can co-exist.

Remember that an SSB signal occupies at least 3 KHz of bandwidth,
below the suppressed carrier frequency on LSB and above the 
suppressed carrier frequency on USB.  To keep all of your LSB
signal out of the DX window, you need to be above 3803 (and to 
stay above the lower  band edge, you need to be above 3753).

de  Tom  N4KG

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