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David L. Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 19 23:07:24 EST 1998

At 09:50 AM 1/19/98 -0800, Guest Account <guest at e2403roc.nsr.hp.com> wrote:
>[Newington, CT] - Citing concerns by Western US hams voiced after new
>Canadian and US sections entered the amateur radio mainstream, the
>American Radio Relay League today announced the creation of three new
>sections in its field organization. It is expected that the sections
>will make their maiden appearance some time in 1998.
>The sections, all in California, were formed at least partially in
>response to complaints from hams geographically distant from the
>Newfoundland-Labrador (NL) and District of Columbia (DC) sections which
>last year were added to the ARRL's list of jurisdictional areas. NL was
>the 79th area, while DC was the 80th. The creation of the western
>sections raises the total number to 83. Amateur radio enthusiasts who
>operate contests, marathon events in which they attempt to contact as
>many other stations in a fixed time period, must contact all sections
>to win awards and gain recognition.

Boy, that will be the day...only clean sweeps..huh!
>Now contesters will be required to add the elusive Tahoe (TA), Central
>Coast (CC), and Death Valley (DV) sections to their growing list of
>"must get" regions. Currently, no amateurs are known to reside within
>the exceedingly rare Death Valley section.


>Phasing in of the new multipliers will occur over the next 6 to 8
>months, with all three in place by November, just in time for the
>premier annual operating event, the November Sweepstakes. The ARRL
>would not rule out further additions to the list of sections beyond

Somebody must have goofed...its no April 1st yet.

Dave K4JRB

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