[CQ-Contest] DOS Is Dead -- Better Designed, Reliable yada, yada, yada

Kevin Bier, K7VI bier at teleport.com
Tue Jan 20 13:34:52 EST 1998

At 10:32 AM 1/20/98 -0500, tbarnett at lexmark.com wrote:
>Let me pose this ONE question:
>If Windows-XX (pick your version) is so good, then WHY do they keep coming
out with new OS's that are so different, and loudly proclaim that this is
the ONE? 
>And then immediately put the old versions on the non-support list... 
>Couldn't they just "refine" the OS from year to year, like unix vendors?
>Little wonder the Windows corporate world is still mostly Win31.

Oh, this one's easy!  Because, gentle reader, new OS releases MAKE MONEY.
It's really that simple. :-)

The secondary reason is that new features are needed to woo new users away
from other OSes to MAKE MONEY.  Once Microsoft owns the OSes on your
computer and TV and phone and car and microwave oven, they won't need new
features or frequent rolls to get you to upgrade because you HAVE to buy
their stuff.  Any way you look at it they MAKE MONEY.

It's really an awfully solid business model.  And they execute very, very

Somehow that doesn't gratify the technoid in me (us), though, does it?

73 Kevin K7VI
Hockinson, WA

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