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>Our reflector' pop says:
>" believe the correct answer is not more *categories* but more
>*information* in the writeups"
>..........when he is right he is right!
>Unfortunately demands on magazine space by competing elements within the
>hobby frequently mean only a cursory amount of detail is given in the
>results, I remember one teenager, Quita Nice Fellow, who busted his hump
>helping another youngster do a writeup of a contest only to have his
>multiplier breakdown tables cut from the magazine writeup due to space
>limitations.....hours of work for naught.

>Jim White, K4OJ
>k4oj at ij.net

How about publishing this extra information on the web?

As for space, at least in QST, I think the SM reports are long enough, so I
don't think many readers would complain about a couple more pages in fine
print with some more numbers...

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