[CQ-Contest] more - post contest log corrections

Jay Townsend jayt at comtch.iea.com
Wed Jul 1 09:01:50 EDT 1998

Dale Wrote:

> > To suggest than a post-contest scan and massage of a log sheet, whether hand
> > written or computer generated, is wrong or inappropriate (read:
> cheating), is 
> > just plain OUTRAGEOUS and in my judgement OUT OF ORDER.


> > In the pre-computer days of radio contesting, virtually everyone that I know
> > spent many hours atter a contest "duping" their logs, and making
> corrections.

Didn't all/most of the U.S. stations that were DX and hand logging, and
NOT keeping dupe sheets send all of their logs to a central place where
they were computer entered, duped, etc.?? As I recall, this was a service
and probably paid. Were these massaged ? Was there a database ?

> A look at the rules for all the contests that I know of do NOT have rules
> against this activity either.

I used to take the log, right after a contest, print the thing up, and
ship it to the contest sponser. Billy Lunt cured me of that one year by
sending me a long list of things that were messed up in the log. Things
like SACR and other wonderful sections that one operator put in during
part of the M/S SS effort. A simple glance at some of these, like LA for
about 50 W6's in LAX would have given us a much larger score.

We changed two things after that contest. One software to N6TR and the
other is that we know look at the logs.

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