[CQ-Contest] post contest log corrections

Jim Kehler kh2d at kuentos.guam.net
Wed Jul 1 05:46:21 EDT 1998


   I think that's a hypothetical impossible to answer 

>OK  Doug,  as a member of the CQ Contest Committee,
>what would you do in the case of a DX station who either
>missends his call or has a timing problem in his keying
>and a leading dot is missing from the sent call.

First of all, whys it gotta be a DX station with a keying 
problem. You got plenty of domestic stations over there
with keying problems..... :-)

>Entrants correctly copy the missent call.  Your log checkers
>find these aledgedly incorrect calls logged and KNOW his
>correct call because he also submitted a log.  

A log checker has no way to know if somebody had a keying
problelm - and no way to know who he called when he had
it and when he didn't.


>The SENDER who missent his own call, or the guys who
>CORRECTLY copied was was sent over the air?

Time to get the tapes out.....

>Would you penalize the guys who CHANGED the incorrectly sent
>call and changed it since they knew what  it should have been?

You can't. Maybe it was an ITERMITTANT keying problem....
Or maybe at the exact time he sent the call, there was a thermal
dit inversion on the band they were working, and the dit got 
changed to a dah. Or maybe one dit got stuck in the D layer...

If KH2D worked N4KG, then KH2D should have N4KG in the log,
and vice versa. If KH2D has N3KG in the log, then minus some
KH2D points. If N4KG has KS2D in the log, then minus some 
N4KG points. There is ONLY one exception to that rule, but it's
a long story, I'll explain it some other time.

I can't tell how sloppy your sending is in the 10 seconds it 
takes to work you in a contest, so if you sent your 
call wrong, it's my tuff luck.  A log checker has absoultey no 
way of knowing for a fact that you send sloppy, and that at 
the exact time you worked me, you were in the sloppy mode,
so he can't give me credit for the contact.

I occasionally get QSL cards for calls not in my log, and if I 
go hunting by date/time, I sometimes find the call I logged is
one letter off.  How can I possibly determine, after the
fact, if I logged it wrong or he sent it wrong ?

>de  Tom  N4KG

I think you are dit picking at this point, Tom.

73, Jim KH2D

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