[CQ-Contest] Proper Multi-Transmitter Contest Operation??

David Rich kg0us at swbell.net
Wed Jul 1 19:28:31 EDT 1998

I would like to get some expert opinions on the logistics behind
multi-transmitter operation.  I participated on Field Day with a club
who for the first time operated 2A using a cw HF,  phone HF, Novice/Tech

HF, 6 meter, and 2 meter station.  They have always operated 1A in years


Is it easily possible to network 3 or more stations that are several
hundred feet apart using the CT logging program?  Would 2.4 GHz spread
spectrum wireless network cards work?  I would guess that the RF
environment would hamper this kind of effort.

We seemed to have some problems with the coordination of our HF stations

to keep them from interfering with one another.  I think I remember
logging some stations with up to seven HF transmitters.  How do they
keep from de-sensing their neighboring receivers?  Do they use some sort

of external low insertion loss bandpass filter on each transceiver?  Is
it possible for one transceiver to operate on the cw portion of a
particular band while another operates on the phone portion of the same
band at the same site?  If so,  what are the tricks of the trade?

Thank You,

Dave KG0US

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