[CQ-Contest] Attention Dr. Bafoofnik -- Urgent!! (Was: When Is It Over?)

Spencer Lazar slazar19 at sgi.net
Thu Jul 2 16:34:03 EDT 1998

At 01:27 PM 7/2/98 -0400, you wrote:
>If I tape record the entire contest, is the ARRL more or less likely to lose
>my log?
>Please advise.  Thanks!!
Dear Walt,

I have never had any contesting organization lose or deep six
any of my logs, but this reflector did lose? my last two post.

When Warren departed the ARRL it left Billy and the contest
division in a real mess. Afterwords Beverly did the best that
she could do and now she has parted from the contest division.

The assistant contest managers job does not pay very well, in
the neighborhood of 18k. If any young contester is interested
just send your resume to Billy, I'm sure he will send the limo
out for you.

The contest division oversee a heck of a lot of contests not
just SS, DX, 160 or 10 meters. The problem is not with the
contest division but with the league itself. It is not run
as well as it use to be. They league may actually be doing the
best it can do, I really don't know.

As per "when is the contest over", it's over when each individual
enterent says it's over, unless the sponsoring organization states
differently.  What contesters do with their logs, or how they choose
to log the contest is not the question. The real question is "intent",
most serious operators post their scores on the 3830 reflector within
24 hours.

Tape recording would be good insurance because Bafoofnik's law is:
if you have redundancy you will never use it.

dr. Bafoofnik 

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