[CQ-Contest] pot contest log correcting--redesign the contest

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at ij.net
Fri Jul 3 07:06:45 EDT 1998

Patrick Collins writes:

"Also, throw out all unique contacts unless a log is received verifying the
contact.  So what if AA1AAA thinks he/she/they worked S0NY on 160 if no one
else worked it and their is no proof that a contact really took place."


Oh, so let me assume that if you work a unique and I hear you work it and
then just put it in my log, since it is in both of our logs it is no longer
unique and thus OK for us both - an unquestionable QSO ????????????? 

I can see it now....someone using a random callbook callsign generator, and
another guy having another log with all the same QSOs....both must be good
logs since the calls are not uniques, right?

If I bust my ass and open my wallet to put up bigger and better antennas to
make my signal just loud enough to make that marginal QSO at the wrong time
of day, and I am just barely able to hear that station that others cannot
then you say I should NOT BE REWARDED -BUT PENALIZED? 

Is this "Politically Correct" thinking, what - I don't want W9XR to feel
bad since he did not work as many uniques as I did therefore we can only
show the QSOs which were common to the two logs???

In my opinion, Unique Contacts are NOT necessarily bad, they are the
quintessential  sign of a station and operator able to push the
communications envelope. They are a well earned edge (this is contesting
and not packet, right?).  

Yes, they can also be a sign of a cheater who is cooking up calls to pad
his log - a good contest sponsor can tell the difference really easy....it
used to be that the other stations of the questionable QSOs were asked for
log extracts.....or is that too much work, and it is easier to just take
away all the unique calls so we end up with a bunch of very close scores
since they all worked the same big guns on the other end!!!!!!

BUSTED CALLS ARE BAD!  They are "the enemy"....or more precisely, allowing
them to be counted as "Good QSOs", is.

Reward the better station/operator....hell I know I don't sweat like hell
in the Florida sun just to work the same family of DL calls as everyone


Jim, K4OJ

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