[CQ-Contest] The contest has ENDED !!

Monte Stark ku7y at dri.edu
Fri Jul 3 10:11:48 EDT 1998

Hi Dale and all,

Enjoying the discussion!

Here is another observation I have come up with over the years:

such lofty sounding things as that.

The ONLY bit of equal there is in contesting is that we can all try!

After all, if I have a single tower with one multi band antenna and
someone else has 6 over 6 over 6 etc. what happened to the level playing

Many people feel that using a good antenna with QRP is cheating! They
think that only low wires should be "allowed"!

Same thing applies to the use of technology to make the logs better. 

Lets look at this scenario:

I have lost much of the high frequency response of my hearing. All SSB
sounds, to me, like a bunch of Donald Duck's in a fish bowl. That's the
main reason I don't work SSB. I can't understand what people are saying.
If you all really believe in the "level playing field" position,
shouldn't I be able to have some help with understanding the calls?
Maybe have someone there to do it for me? :-)

Would playing tapes back so that I can take many tries to understand the
calls be OK? Would using databases to double check my poor hearing be
OK?  :-)

(Don't worry, I ain't agonna do that.... I really do have a life!)

Seems to me the object of contests (most anyway) is to work a lot of
stations and turn in a log that is correct.

If it's also a typing test, memory test and etc. then lets give some
extra points for those who do better in those areas!

If I have a database I have made myself, can I use it? If it's the one
in my head, is that OK? If I move it from my head to the computer, does
that change anything?

My memory isn't as good as it used to be. Do I get some extra points to
"level the playing field"?  :-)

And I really do enjoy reading the thoughts of others. 

OK, back into my hole.....

73,  Ron, KU7Y

NRA Life------Ex W6JXO, DL4RF, N7CRV------SOWP #5545-M
QRP ARCI #8829----NorCal #330----QRP-L #17-----ARS #49
AR QRP #150--------DM09cg---------New Washoe City,  NV

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