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This is a call for articles for the NCJ. 

Contesting in Your Area of the World
The National Contest Journal ( NCJ ) has had some fun in recent issues running
articles written by well known and not-so-well-know contesters telling about
the challenges of contesting from their part of the world.  They combined
their knowledge of contesting in their area and came up with interesting and
revealing short articles.  The articles are particularly interesting because
they have input from two or more different perspectives on the subject.
How about you and a pal do the same thing for your region of the USA or, for
that matter, your part of the World?  My goal here will be to continue to run
your articles as quickly as you get them into me.
If you are interested in writing your observations for us (including your
photos, OF COURSE), let me know as soon as possible.  Tom Clancy credentials
not required.  I'll reserve your region for you and your Pal (which is defined
as anybody in your area who can beat you in a contest, kick sand in your face,
and get away with it).  To get your creative juices started, I'll send you a
quick copy the approach others have taken on the subject.
Technical Articles
Many readers of the NCJ have expressed a desire to see more technical
articles.  Many of you have done a great deal of research and work to make
your stations perform at their maximum potential.  Can we get you to pen a few
words telling us what you have come up with that might be of interest to other
contesters?  Antenna shortcuts, station "toys," etc. -- you get the idea I am

The NCJ is made up entirely of volunteer input so we look forward to getting
your valuable contribution.

73 and see you all from 8P in the IARU contest next weekend !

Dennis Motschenbacher K7BV
Editor - National Contest Journal

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