[CQ-Contest] Token to make log doctoring detectable

W. Wright, W5XD w5xd at alum.mit.edu
Sun Jul 5 15:41:20 EDT 1998

>> A simple hashing algorythm of past Q's or the last zip or the the 
>> last grid square.....passed as a token and justified at the end is a 
>> simple way to improve the accuracy in tests. As long as the 
>> information token is predictable and repetitive then these 
>> discussions will continue. 
>Great idea, but...  impractical..
>because in any non-sprint contest, we have to be able to work
>non-contesters.  Many of them have enough trouble understanding the idea of
>a serial number, let alone a previous zip or grid square.  
>Not that I have a better suggestion...
>73 Doug

I don't think its impractical to teach hams new concepts! How is it
that everyone knows what it means when they hear "5NN" on the
air? Answer: over the years everybody has run across it and
now knows what it means.

If the contest community should decide to take advantage of
the fact every serious participant has access to a machine
that can create the tokens, then over a few years everyone
will learn what they mean. How long did it take for grid
squares to be part of the jargon?

Wayne, W5XD
w5xd at alum.mit.edu

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