[CQ-Contest] Re: When is the compeition over?

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 5 21:07:56 EDT 1998

Mike or Judy Kwiatkowski wrote:
> In a PGA event, it ain't over until the score card is signed - after the
> player has reviewed it to make sure the score for each hole is correct.
> Yes, but...

The golfer who determines that he marked down the wrong score can still 
only edit to reflect what actually happened. He CANNOT go back and and 
replay that shanked wedge.

Determining correctness does not give you the right to alter fact: if you 
logged something wrong because you did not/could not hear correctly, 
changing it after the fact is not correcting your log. If you logged what 
you heard on your own, your log is already correct. It's the QSO that is 

Similarly, instant replays don't change what happened. A fumble is still 
a fumble, a gloved puck is still a gloved puck. In football and hockey, 
it ISN'T the referee's ability that is being judged, it is the player's.

And please don't try, as so many others have, to cloud the issue with the 
real-time database angle. We all have real-time databases. Some of us 
have it between our ears, others as part of TR Log. Neither changes the 
fact we still must hear correctly, especially given how QSB can make, 
say, N7TR sound like N6TR. (Apologies to Rich and Tree.)

Also, others have tried to cloud the debate by saying it's supposed to be 
fun. It IS fun! It is even MORE fun when you do it correctly!

This seems like such a long-held and so basic a tenet of contesting 
ethics that I am ASTOUNDED that now, today, we all seem so confused.

I hope I'm not off base here, because if I am, then what's the point of 
exchanges? Why bother testing somebody's ability to copy information 
correctly if you're going to allow them to pull out a textbook (read: 
callbook) after the contest?

Why not start a contest where all you do is say Hi to as many people as 
you can. Just log down Hi as often as you do and that's your score. 
Certainly would clear up all the confusion about what is correct, 
wouldn't it? Certainly would fix that dang busted call problem, no?

Please think about this carefully.

73, kelly

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