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Gary Sutcliffe garys at nconnect.net
Fri Jul 10 07:39:04 EDT 1998

Hi Gang.

The up coming topic for the NCJ Contest Tips, Tricks & Techniques column is
on packet assisted contesting.  Please reply directly to me and be sure
your call is included. Thanks!

- 73 - Gary  W9XT

Topic for September-October 1998 (Deadline July 10)

Packet In Contesting

Now that packet assisted operating has become main stream, how has it
affected your contesting? Do you stay unassisted or go packet assisted when
there is a category for it? Do you feel it hurts or helps contesting as a
whole?  How does the existence of packet affect your strategy while
operating unassisted? Why do un-assisted ops frequently beat assisted ops?
What is the optimal strategy for using packet? Is the packet network too
big?  What can be done about all the broken calls that get posted?

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