[CQ-Contest] Upcoming IARU Contest

Michael Dinkelman mwdink at eskimo.com
Mon Jul 6 08:11:14 EDT 1998

Hello all....

	I'd like to compile the 1998 IARU contest scores. In the past,
this has been the province of Jimmy, WA4ZXA but nobody (I know) seems to
know where he is or whether he will be doing the compilation this year.
I have sent e-mail Jimmy's way but have received no replies. Jimmy, if
you are out there and are going to do this, I graciously bow to your

	Assuming otherwise, it would be helpful to get the following 
information for posting scores to an IARU summary.  Else, I'll just 
glean what I can from the 3830 reflector. (I'm using Jimmy's summary 
from last year as a guide.) Summary sheets from the major logging
programs are just fine. 

Class (SO,Multi)  
Mode (Phone,CW,Mixed)  
Power (QRP,LP,HP)	(for reference only - IARU has no power catagories)
IARU Zones
HQ stations worked
Total Score

Team Members (if applicable)

As stated many times before, 
	1) these results are not official
	2) Don't send me your log
	3) Don't attach files
	4) Don't send contest results to the Contest reflector

Enjoy the contest!


Michael Dinkelman, N7WA
Kent, WA
mwdink at eskimo.com

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