[CQ-Contest] ICE engineering phone no.

Effinger SH Sam at MSXSOPC SE060676 at MSXSOPC.shell.com
Tue Jul 7 11:09:53 EDT 1998

I can't find the phone number for ICE engineering in Indy can anyone help...

want to put 2 rigs on the same band and want their receiver protector...any
other ideas on this ???

finished the stack of 3 kt34xa's and if i never put another xa together or
rebuild one it will be too soon for me...ha...

hope they will play this weekend...

been working in 96 degree with high humidity...my wife thinks i have
completely lost my mind...
never sweat so much in my life...had a shoe fall off when climbing down the
tower and climbing bare footed really smarts....for u flamers i know the
shoe should have been checked and all that bull ....probably some guys put
bolts through their ankles to secure  their shoes...this is humor..

any help is most appreciated
Sam  K9SD    in hot Illinois
Sam Effinger
SIET- Utilities

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