[CQ-Contest] State QSO parties

Tree N6TR n6tr at teleport.com
Fri Jul 10 14:17:07 EDT 1998

I also agree with the idea presented by K5TR to consolidate the QSO 
parties to a small number of weekends.  I have often thought that 
having an Oregon QSO Party would be best timed on the same weekend
as the California QSO Party.  Wonder how people who are sponsoring
well established QSO parties feel about this.

Perhaps we can identify 5 or 6 weekends per year as State QSO Party 
slots, and then people can pick and choose from there.  We could use the
weekends for established QSO parties as a starting point.

I think the impact to the smaller QSO parties would be very positive.
There would be more activity and everyone could have more fun.  

Tree N6TR/7
tree at contesting.com

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