[CQ-Contest] Logging Accuracy...

Dale L. Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Mon Jul 13 23:36:25 EDT 1998

Amazing.  I wrote the note below to send out earlier this
evening, then I read through
the incoming e-mail only to find someone else did something
Maybe it's a movement......

With regards to the earlier discussion about logging accuracy, I
decided to take a pro-active, aggressive approach in the IARU.
This affected DX and domestic stations I worked during the

Where a station broke my call when I S&P'd him, and did not
acknowledge my "kg5u 599 7 kg5u"-attempt to correct the broken
call by simply sending "kg5u tu xxnxxx" AND did not acknowledge
my continued
beseechments to verify that he/she got my call right, I erased
them from the log.  I'm sure I wasn't a mult for most of them,
but who knows. Who cares.  They lose, as far as I'm concerned.

In one case, I called a guy, he broke my call, I sent "kg5u 599
7 kg5u", he sent 'tu xxnxxx", I called again, he sends my call
and sends a report, I try to tell him I was his last QSO, but he
then says 'tu xxnxxx"

Now....was some form/variation of kg5u in the log in one entry
followed by kg5u in the next?  I don't know.  I do know that
xxnxxx is not in my log because I didn't send a report for him
working kg5u.

To those who I did correct with "kg5u 599 7 kg5u" and who did
respond with "kg5u tu xxnxxx", thanks and great job!

Dale Martin, KG5U
kg5u at hal-pc.org

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