[CQ-Contest] Sending callsigns

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Thu Jul 16 18:21:41 EDT 1998

> So - are there people who believe the following isn't a QSO?
> <ja1abc> JA1ABC
> <k7rat> JA1ABC 5NN ORE
> <ja1abc> 5NN 25
> <k7rat> TU

This exchange represents a properly identified QSO ( USA FCC Part 97 )
unfortunately the next moments tell the answer to it continuing legally.

Does K7RAT resend his CQ memory ( including callsign ) or does he just
send a  ?   

If he just sends a ? then he must sign his callsign again at the end of
the next QSO.

FCC Part 97 says that amateurs must identify at 10 minute intervals AND
at the end of each communication ( QSO ).  There is no requirment to
identify when initiating a QSO, just 10 minutes into it and at the end.
As contest QSO's don't last 10 minutes this would only apply to the
close of a QSO.

If you swore to follow your countries rules, then you must have legally
signed at the end of your QSO right ?

This question was brought up several times with little responce at ARRL
to rock the boat at the peak of the cycle trying to see new world
records. P40V, PJ1B and others were pushing huge totals at the time.
During this, John, W1XX, decided to try an ID in every QSO. His number
of QSO's increased. I link this to the masses of weekend amateurs who
tune past a signal and only call if they know who it is. John was never
more than a few seconds away from an ID.

       73, Bob, W2CE


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