[CQ-Contest] more - Sending callsigns

Dale Jones K5MM ddjones at nas.com
Fri Jul 17 16:28:11 EDT 1998

 Your comments are interesting, and certainly they do apply to some aspects
 of contesting.  I would offer that circumstances are most often DIFFERENT
 and thus require different responses to them.  

 When P40V, ZD8Z, KH6R, KL7Y, KP4A and the like are on a contest,
 either on CW or SSB, it's almost NEVER appropriate to give their call sign
 along with your own.  Then, if you are working a new contester who's
 operating from a rather rare location, it's probably best to give both call

 Thus, my feeling is that it's best to be flexible, and do what is required
 the circumstances that exist at the time of the QSO.  Indeed, this is what
 great operators GREAT.  They do what is needed at any given time.

 I just don't believe that "One size fits all" in virtually anything,
including socks,
 hats, ham radio contests, and the like.

 Speaking of phonetics.....same thing applies there.  Use them when appropriate
 and don't when it's not needed.  Good sense and good judgement will provide 
 the needed guidance.   

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 Dale  K5MM

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