[CQ-Contest] Operating Style in Pile-Up

Dale Jones K5MM ddjones at nas.com
Fri Jul 17 16:52:09 EDT 1998

  (Comments regarding K7SV posting on signing call sign after each QSO,
    see below)..........

 Now Larry........
 It obviusly depends on who the "hunter" is and who is the "hunted".  If I'm
 operating from P5AA, and the band is full of WB6's, all on cw sending at
 10 wpm.....I can assure you that I would very firmly feel that my time is 
 more valuable that yours (theirs)!!

 It seems as if you are saying....."No matter what the circumstances are, the
 rare DX station must operate exactly how I want him to, or I won't work him"
 Thus, One size fits All !!  That's ludicrous OM.  

 Circumstances make all the difference.  Flexibility to respond to different
 circumstances are what makes champions.  It is absolutely NOT needed for
 a rare DX station to sign his call sign after every QSO.  Maybe in some cases
 it's appropriate to sign your call after each QSO, in other cases after
each 2 or 3 
 may be okay, and in other cases after each 10 QSO's might be the right amount. 
 Remember that the DX operator is operating to maximize HIS rate, not yours.

 In my judgement your analogy of butting into traffic, or driving on the
 should be changed a bit.  It's more like a 6 lane highway, and the Big Guns
 running in the fast lane.  If you're driving an Amish horse & buggy, better
get in 
 the slow lane, or you're gonna get run over.  AND, if you choose to take your
 horse and buggy over to the fast lane, you better stoke the horse up with some
 high powered hay so that you can "Do as the Romans do, when in Rome"!!

 One Size does NOT fit all!!
 Dale  K5MM
At 10:55 AM 7/17/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Doug, I appreciate your attempts to ID after every Q.  I consider those
stations that don't, to be 
>saying "my time is more important than yours", which is very rude and
inconsiderate. As far as 
>I'm concerned you might equate it to butting into lines or driving on the
shoulder to get around 
>traffic.  If this problem becomes pervasive "because everyone else is doing
it", contesting is going
>to become just as rude and inconsiderate as society is now.  If the
operator figures his expenses
>in traveling on a dxped license him not to sign after every call, then so
be it.  I'm not going to wait
>for a call, so if they don't id, I don't want to hear a lot of griping
about dupes!
>73 de Larry K7SV

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