[CQ-Contest] Re: Contest Exchange

Martin Ellis jmellis at ihug.co.nz
Tue Jul 21 11:43:20 EDT 1998

Dick N6AA wrote:
> If you feel that the callsign should be signed after every
> contact, this strongly indicates that your operating skills
> have developed to the stage where you should indeed sign your
> call after every contact. However, when you give unconditioned
> advice to others suggesting that they absolutely always do the
> same, note that you are primarily broadcasting your skill level
> rather than giving good counsel. 

Hello Dick,
I am afraid that I do not follow the logic of this discussion.
In my experiences as a DX operator, is is counter-productive
to withhold your callsign in the belief that this is the best
way to control or manage the size of a pileup, and secondly to
save time.

If you normally conclude the exchange with <TU QRZ>
it is just as fast to conclude with <N6AA>
When the stations waiting for you, hear you give your call,
they will know you are ready for the next QSO.
So it is simply a matter of replacing the QRZ with your own call.

It you wish to control the size of a pile up the best way is by directional
calls.  If I am running in the ARRL 10m contest and
am looking for multipliers, I may call <East Coast only please>
or <W1-2 only>.  I will do this if I know I can work the West Coast
in the hour after I lose contact with the East Coast.
This is fairer to the W6-7 operators who will know to come back
later. In the same way I may ask <JA please stand-by> if I need multipliers from
Asia or Europe.

These techinques have nothing to do with suppressing my call-sign
and frustrating other experienced contest operators.   

Martin ZL1ANJ

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