[CQ-Contest] Call Signing

Guy L. Olinger k2av at qsl.net
Tue Jul 21 17:13:34 EDT 1998

> w4an at contesting.com writes:
> << >Summary:
>  >If you feel that the callsign should be signed after every
>  >contact, this strongly indicates that your operating skills
>  >have developed to the stage where you should indeed sign your
>  >call after every contact.
>  I signed K6T after each and every QSO during WRTC96.  I believe my partner
>  did also.  Following Mr Norton's logic, one would assume that we would
>  have finished at or near the bottom of the list.  We were #1 in QSO's.
>  "George just lucky I guess"
>  73
>  W4AN

Bravo. Careful, procedurally polished operating will always win in the
long run. Folks on the other end understand it better. The procedure got
that way for a reason, mostly having to do with clarity. Short cuts
always morph into long cuts.

73, Guy.

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