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Dale Jones K5MM ddjones at nas.com
Tue Jul 21 18:36:43 EDT 1998

 Bill, W4AN (and super-op at K6T  in WARC contest) has clearly earned
 the right to speak on this subject -- many of course should listen to him.

 I would suggest that Dick Norton, N6AA (and dozens of juicy DX calls
 and world-high Contest results as well) has also clearly earned his right to 
 speak on this subject.  Like W4AN, he has earned the right to be listened 
 to with respect and sincerity.

 Unless you've walked in their shoes, it would be best to listen to them.

 It's also been said many times before, here and other places, that ONE 
 SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL !!  Or, to put it another way, there is more
 than one way to skin a cat !!  Just like there isn't one antenna, or one radio,
 or one location --- ad nauseum --- there is plenty of room for differences.

 Also, it is noteworthy that the style CHANGES real-time during a contest,
 thus it's important to know when to change with conditions.  THAT's where
 championship calibre operating comes from.

 The winning way will be borne out over a long period of time, under many
 different conditions, for each individual operator.

 Dale  K5MM
At 04:13 PM 7/21/98 -0400, you wrote:
> w4an at contesting.com writes:
 >If you feel that the callsign should be signed after every
 >contact, this strongly indicates that your operating skills
 >have developed to the stage where you should indeed sign your
 >call after every contact.
>  I signed K6T after each and every QSO during WRTC96.  I believe my partner
>  did also.  Following Mr Norton's logic, one would assume that we would
>  have finished at or near the bottom of the list.  We were #1 in QSO's.
>  "George just lucky I guess"
>  73
>  W4AN
>Bravo. Careful, procedurally polished operating will always win in the
>long run. Folks on the other end understand it better. The procedure got
>that way for a reason, mostly having to do with clarity. Short cuts
>always morph into long cuts.
>73, Guy.

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