Dave Lawley g4buo at compuserve.com
Thu Jul 23 19:23:16 EDT 1998

I agree that on the whole, it is better to sign your call after each QSO.
Few would disagree that the strategies suggested by Dick N6AA can
help to squeeze a few more Qs, or some more valuable Qs, out of the
pileup. What we all object to are the imbeciles that 'run' for minutes on
end without signing their calls. IMHO they deserve all they get in terms 
of dups and UR CALL? slowing them down.

Does anyone know why so many people send TU ? Maybe you think it
is more polite than R but it takes a bit longer to send, and what we're
talking about here is efficiency in making Qs. I catch myself sending
TU sometimes, but only because everyone else seems to do it. When
I am concentrating on running a pileup (a rare enough thing from 
G-land) I use  R  or if the pile gets really busy, just send my callsign as
the invitation for the next call.

Dave G4BUO

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