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Doug Richardson ve5cma at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 24 08:20:28 EDT 1998

Consider a 20m bandpass filter used in a multi/multi situation where 
transmitters on different bands are QRMing each other. The trade off is 
loss in the bandpass filter versus the isolation. 
Which is more optimal? (Two options):
a) 1.6db of loss but attenuation 100db down at 40m and 15m; OR
b) 1.0db loss, but only 50db of attenuation at 40m and 15m.

Any stations run multi/multi with probs of other bands getting into 
other transmitters at the same station able to advise which of the two 
options would be better?

Also, would there be any advantage to using high isolation filters such 
that it would be possible to use the same antenna to run 20m and 15m 
transmitting at the same time?
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